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Luke Wheadon
Entering his third year as a Titan Luke has gone from being our secretary last year to this year our president. He is a second year computer science student who is one of our wide receivers. As president Luke is in charge of the day to day running of the club, he oversees everything from finances to bookings. Luke is looking to have an impact on the pitch as much as off it with him being one our senior receivers.  
Benjamin Cooze
Club Secretary 
Ben is going into his 2nd year with the Titans as a free Safety. Ben is our club secretary, his roles include maintaining and distributing kit as well as preparing the field for games and training. Ben is studying a masters in biochemistry. His course length means he will be with the Titans for 2 more seasons. Ben is hoping to continue on from his rookie season with more success in all aspect of his Titans career.
Ashley Lewis
Sponsorship & Media
Ashley is in his second year with the team, he is our backup quarter back. As sponsorship and media secretary Ashley is responsible for signing and maintaining sponsorship deals as well as giving us a social media presence. He successfully signed our deals with Idols and NV-US for this coming season helping inject some more cash into the budget to help fund the team. 
Ike Amuze 
Ike is in his 4th year with the team. Playing both offensive and defensive lineman
Ike is a very important player to the team. This is Ike's second stint as Treasurer previously overseeing the purse strings during our 2016/17 campaign. Ike is won of our most decorated players winner in division 1 national championship with the Titans in his rookie year and most recently winning Britbowl 32 with the London Warriors. 
Ben Cheshire
Social Secretary 
Ben joined the team at the start of the 16/17 season. This is Ben's second year as Social Sec, he is moving into his third year at university studying History,and is a Wide Receiver on the team. As social secretary for the team, he sorts the nights out for the guys, as well as other team socials that the club put on, including the big Super Bowl party. Ben is looking forward to leaving his mark on the team both on and off the field.
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