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Titans announce historic partnership with PlaybookFive!

As of July 2017, the Swansea Titans will be working closely with groundbreaking virtual reality playbook company, PlaybookFive. PB5 have developed a revolutionary training tool eponymously named PlaybookFive. The players will be able to visualise their playbook for the coming season in 3D, from their own phones, with coaches able to see how much work each player is doing, and even whether the player is reading their keys. PB5 will be sponsoring several social media engagements throughout the coming seasons, while the players and coaches provide a constant stream of feedback as they use the app. This deal is the first of it's kind in Europe.

"This partnership means the world to this club, a club of players willing to dedicate time to building something better and who continue to be pro-active to get better on and off the field. We feel that our philosophy and PlaybookFive's fits seamlessly, and i look forward to working closely with Jason and the entire PlaybookFive team as we push the platform in Europe and beyond" - Tom Mann. Swansea Titans President

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