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Titans Remain Undefeated

After the thrills of Xplosion the Titans had one remaining fixture of the 2018 calendar. This saw them up against Portsmouth for the second time this season. Having already beaten Portsmouth away and coming off the back of the great win against Birmingham the Titans were feeling confident.

The Titans started brightly after the wet ball was dropped on the opening kick off by Portsmouth leaving them starting on their 3 yard line the Titans took advantage. Similarly to the away fixture the defence were able to tackle for a safety moving the score board to 2-0. The Titans were hoping this bright start would set the tone of the day, alas it did not.

The opening Titans drive started well with a good 15 yard run by Canice Gonzague to bring up the first down. After that though they stalled, a few misplaced passes, blown up runs and the Titans were getting continuous 3 and outs. This was similar to the away fixture with an offence that had impressed the week before struggling against what was seen to be a weaker opponent.

Thankfully for the Titans their defence was on fire stopping the Portsmouth defence gaining a single first down via their own plays. Another good showing from Defensive Captains Gethyn Chadwick , who racked up another load of tackles to his impressive stat sheet, and Ike Amuze who along with the impressive D-line kept their QB under constant pressure. The highlight of a dull first half was a late drive by Portsmouth through their special teams. A dropped pick by Achiga Binyiri set up a 4th down punt by Portsmouth. A horrid bounce saw the ball ricochet off DB Harry Calton and was recovered by Portsmouth. This gave them the first down, after another stoppage by the defence another specials team mistake got Portsmouth into field goal range. This time the punt was collected by Elliot Bodman who weaved away from tackles to make good yards before a mixture of a hard hit and the wet ball cause a fumble which Portsmouth recovered. A missed field goal by the away team ended the half 2-0 to the Titans.

The 2nd half the Titans started stronger with the offence putting at good drive together. The passing game improved immensely with some good quick passes. A trio of catches for Elliot Bodman, Daniel Marshall and an impressive 20 yards sideline catch by Luke Wheadon saw the Titans at first and goal. They unfortunately failed to convert that drive into points. However a huge hit by Peter Doyle caused a fumble which Swansea recovered. A 2nd shot at the end zone was all Swansea needed for Sam Huxtable to link once again with Elliot Bodman for the touchdown. The 2 point conversion to Michael Waddington was good to bring the score to 10-0.

This is how the score stayed, with either defences stopping either offences in their tracks. With the game stagnating Titans coaching staffed decided to give some of our rookies a chance to shine. First Start for WR Samuel Ngombe almost ended in a fairytale as he almost got on the end of a touchdown scoring pass by Hux. Linebacker James Schofield also got his first start impressing many with his D-line ability a position of which he hasn't trained before.

Although a disappointing performance the Titans finished on top ending the first half of the season undefeated at 4-0 and top of the Premiership South.

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