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Huxtable Breaks Captaincy Record

On Sunday 2nd of December the Titans were led out in their win against Portsmouth for the 22nd time by star quarter-back and team captain Sam Huxtable. This game allowed Huxtable to eclipse the previous record held by our Head Coach Adam Salter who recorded 21 appearances as captain. With a career spanning 4 seasons with the Titans, the last 3 of which Sam has captained, has led him to become our most decorated Captain every at the club, an honour that is befitting a player with his attitude and leadership qualities.

We spoke to former Captain Joe Cotterill, who led the team during Sam's rookie year, and asked him his thoughts on this amazing achievement. "It’s an incredible accolade and Sam has eclipsed some fantastic Titans captains that came before him! Sam leads by example and is the perfect role model for any team player. He isn’t finished yet, which makes the achievement all the more impressive. Massive congratulations & keep up the great work!"

We also spoke to former head coach Nick Keyse for his take on the new record. "Since Sam first joined the Titans 3 seasons ago, he has continuously set the highest standards on and off the field that all players and coaches can aspire to. Sam is not only highly respected by both team mates and opponents alike, but his effort and commitment perfectly reflect the core values of club. It is for these reasons that Sam is very deserving of the record for all time captaincy appearances and I wish him all the best in continuing to lead this team into the future."

@photo credit Finetime Photography

Sam has finished yet though, with the season only half way through and with a play off place already sealed as well as varsity Sam can continue to extend this amazing record.

Also, to comment on Sam breaking his record was head coach Adam Salter who said. "It’s a huge achievement and fully deserved for all the work he has put in over the years. I’ve heard the previous record holder was a fantastic leader and a great man so it says a lot for Hux to break his record. I’m proud to have seen his entire time with the team first as a teammate and more recently as a coach. He often gets praised for his on-field performances and ability, but those who have been around him know that it is his hard work and character off the field that makes him a special part of our team. There’s still a lot of games to go this season, so it’ll be interesting to see how far he can push the record. I don’t think it will be broken anytime soon."

The team is extremely proud of Sam and what he has achieved during his time here, his leadership and guidance have helped not only lead the team through many a difficult game but has also helped many of our players progress into better athletes as he has set a brilliant example for all around him.

Finally, we asked the man himself what he made of adding another accolade to his long list of his playing successes. "It's been my absolute pleasure to play for and especially to captain the Titans over the past few years. I've played and still do play alongside some amazing players. One of which was Adam Salter, the previous record holder and current head coach. He has been around the Titans for almost their whole journey and been a part of the growth from division two all the way to the premiership. His leadership as a player will have played a huge part in that climb and his time at head coach has seen us go unbeaten this half of the season. You can see his example as a leader on the field carry forward to his coaching. It's a huge accolade and I couldn't be prouder. Thank to Salt for making me captain and letting me break his record. A big thank you to all my teammates that voted me in also.".

Congratulations Sam and on behalf of the team we would like to thank you for your service to club and pray that you do a Masters so you can continue to tear up the Prem South.

@photo credit Katie Stepek Photography

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