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Titans Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl 53 is fast approaching and as with tradition the Titans will be hosting their annual Super bowl party. This year we have teamed up with Walkabout Swansea to host our best Super Bowl night yet.

£2 mates rates drinks deals, 25% of food and access to our own private room what more could you want. Doors open at 11pm with kick off at 11:30pm on Sunday the 3rd of February. Tickets for this event cost £4 and are available at:

If you enjoy football, food and beer this is the evening for you.

Revenue from the ticket sales go towards helping fund the club for the rest of the season. Tickets are on sale now and need to be purchased otherwise you will not be able to enter. The tickets are for Swansea Uni students only.

#SuperBowl #53 #Walkabout

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