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Graduating Players 2019

The Swansea Titans class of 2019 in a vintage in the history of the team but as with everyone season a handful of our players must graduate and move on into the Adult world. As with every pre Varsity we highlight a few of these players and ask them to share a few thoughts on their time with the team.

#99 Mac Howard:

Q: What is your favourite memory as a Titan?

A: My favourite memory of being a titan would probably be the entire Stirling trip, from just enjoying the long journey with everyone just messing around to the actual match. Having the opportunity to play against some of the best in the country & the experience of it all. Then there was varsity, just the chance to play in front of a bigger crowd than usual with good weather & good vibes.

Q: What does being a Titan mean to you?

A: Being a Titan in my mind was simple, you was there to compete & do what you have to for the team. From all the time spent training, travelling, competing and supporting the players around become great friends, its basically a brotherhood.

Q:What will you do after Graduation?

A: After this year id like to do a masters, but in terms of sports I think I'm going to give my body a real good rest & actually fix my injuries

#37 Ethan Goddard:

Q: What is your favourite memory as a Titan?

A: Making my very first tackle, it was against Portsmouth away. That feeling of contributing to the team by making plays is the best feeling.

Q: What does being a Titan mean to you?

A: It means being apart of something bigger than myself.

Q: What will you do after Graduation?

A: My plans are undecided as of yet.

#59 Tom Pennington:

Q: What is your favourite memory as a Titan?

A: Without a doubt it would be winning the quarter final against Durham at llandarcy. Winning such a high stakes game when the odds were stacked against us, no better feeling. We really got the chance to prove what we can do as a team.

Q: What does being a Titan mean to you?

A: Joining the Titans was one of the best decisions I made at uni. It has given me some great memories and friends for life. It’s also supplied me with a new barber, so hit up Daryl Tan and big boy barbers if you’re ever looking for a fresh trim.

Q: What are your plans for after University?

A: Most likely postgraduate study, I’m looking at doing a masters. After that I’m really not sure, find work in the area of sports science.

#17 Elliot Bodman:

Q: Favourite memory as a Titan?

A: It’s a challenge to narrow it down to just one, but I think I would have to go with Xplosion this year. Beating Birmingham in front of the massive crowd, especially because they’ve only lost one other one in 10 years, that was something I’ll never forget

Q: What does being a Titan mean to you?

A: It means a lot of things, meeting so many people and making friends for life. Making those long coach journeys with the same bunch of guys knowing you all have one common goal, it just really shows how much effort people put in to this team because it means so much to everyone.

Q: What are your plans for after university?

A: I would like to potentially play abroad, possibly in Europe somewhere, but that’s not guaranteed, but I think it’s about time I moved on from university and started life as an adult. Not exactly sure though.

#76 Tofunmi Okude:

Q: Favourite memory as a Titan?

A: I’ve had a lot of memories as a Titan and it’s difficult to pick just one, from making MVP for the first time last year, to our awards nights. But making it to the semifinals of the national championship this year is right up there.

Q: What does being a Titan mean to you?

A: Being a Titan to me, is being in a brotherhood. Having boys that have your back in everything, that would give their all day in day out, in training, in games and even on nights out and you would do the same for.

Q: What are your plans for after university?

A: After university, the plan is to complete my LPC and qualify as a solicitor.

#66 Ike Amuze:

Q: Favourite Memory as a titan?

A: Stirling trip, even though we got tea bagged it was a crazy bonding experience. I got closer to everyone on the team, as you do driving for like 12 hours and will always remember it.

Q: What does being a titan mean to you?

A: Not to sound cliche but its being part of a family (of idiots, but a family nonetheless) and playing for each other more so than any other reason.

Q: Plans after Uni?

A: Got some offers to play american football in Europe and some potential job opportunities working in the field. Might even do one more year for a master.

#88 Ben Cheshire:

Q: What is your Favourite Titan memory?

A: I’ve had a lot of great memories as a titan, ruining herts unbeaten season in my first year and the trip up to sterling but it has to be the quarter final win over Durham, that was incredible.

Q: What does being a Titan mean to you?

A: Being a titan to me is just being part of a brotherhood and a team and you do everything for your teammates because you know they do the same for you.

Q: What is your plans after Graduating.

A: My plans after university are trying to find someone other than KFC to employ me.

#77 Hussain Kahn:

Q: Favourite Titan memory?

A: My favourite memory as a Titan probably has to be the playoff trip to Stirling last year. Yeah it was a long trek, but the times spent bunking with the boys was priceless.

Q: What does being a Titan mean to you?

A: Titans=Family. The Titans gave me a chance to have a second family away from home.

Q: What are your plans after Graduation?

A: My plans after University are unknown yet. I want to do my masters and I would love to continue playing football. I’ll just see where life drifts me.

#16 Ben Cooper:

Q: Favourite Titan memory?

A. It would be very hard to sum up my experiences as a titan with one memory. However, my top three would include winning the division 1 final resulting in a promotion to the prem, my first Swansea varsity, and my final favourite memory would have to be our recent playoff win over Durham university.

Q: What does being a Titan mean to you?

A. I am very proud of being a Titan. The titans have built one of the strongest teams in the UK from the ground-up. Despite being the underdogs in many of our match ups, we always hold our own and always outperform the expectations other people have of us.

Q: What are your plans after Graduation?

A. I am looking to continue to study, train and compete.

#3 Sam Huxtable:

Q: Favourite Titan memory?

A:Beating Hertfordshire for the season opener tied with beating Birmingham at Xplosion.

Q: What does being a Titan mean to you?

A:Being a Titan means that you do not only play for one of the best teams in the country (We all know we would have won that final) but you're also part of a huge family. You just know that they guys have your best interests at heart and you have theirs. As cliché as it is to say, once a Titan, always a Titan. It's not just a group of guys that share a love for the sport, you're a part of a group you know you can have a laugh with but also rely on if you ever need something. We are a very small team with little funding so the success we have had is obviously a lot to do with the coaches but also to do with the players playing for each other and the mindset we have as a team. It's just different from teams I have previously played for, it's hard to explain. It's more than just a team.

Q: What are your plans after Graduation?

A: Unfortunately the injury I picked up against Birmingham has delayed my plans slightly as I had a couple of offers from both the GFL and Brazil but I definitely plan to pursue those as soon as I am able to as I'd absolutely love to play for a top team in Germany soon. After that we shall just have to see what happens and see where life takes me.

To all our graduating players, we want to thank you for service to the club and wish you the best in everything you do in the future.

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