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England beat RoW in annual clash

The season is over, that can mean only one thing, the annual Titans England vs Rest of the World soccer game. A fun way to bring a little bit of competition to the off-season. Every year the two team battle it out for the pride of their respective nations and bragging rights over the rest of the boys.

Rest of the World going into the game had won the yearly game for as long as anyone can remember, winning last year 3-2 thanks to a wonder goal by RoW captain Luke Wheadon. This year RoW were once again looking strong but a few last minute drop outs and illnesses forced them to field a slightly weakened squad. Whilst England on the other hand were buffed by the return of Lewis Marshall who missed last years game and who was coming off the back of a

inter-mural football final a few weeks prior.

The game started bad for RoW when a strike by Tom Astley looped into the top corner. RoW showed why they were the current champs fighting back with a nice goal by Dan Marshall to make it 1-1.

Once again though England found a goal from the boot of Tom Astley, this time a nice heel chop beat the defender and he slid it into the bottom corner. The RoW were struggling but them against the run of play they were able to answer back to Astley's goal with another of their own this time through rookie and new team president Sam Ngombe.

RoW looked like they would get it to half time all level when on the stroke of 45 a well placed corner by Lewis Marshall was met by the unmarked Alex Wilson's head to make it 3-2. A goal that ultimately won the game.

The second half wasn't a goalfest like the first half had been, instead RoW spent the entire 45 knocking on the England goal but couldn't break through after some good saves by Peter Hart. England did have a few chances through Elliot Bodman who fluffed his lines.

Full time England win 3-2, their first win in many a year. After the game their was questions on the eligibility of Alex Wilson as his Greek heritage should place him firmly into the RoW squad.

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