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Titan's 2019 Awards

To top off an amazing season the Titans hosted their annual awards evening at the Dragon Hotel Swansea to not only celebrate this season but also to mark our 10 year anniversary. The results were as followed:

Player Voted Awards:

Catch of the year: Gethyn Chadwick Vs Hertfordshire

Hit of the year: Elliot Bodman Vs Hertfordshire

Run of the year: Canice Gonzague Vs Birmingham

Play of the year: Luke Wheadon Vs Durham

Players Rookie: Piers Jensen

Players Player: Gethyn Chadwick

Main Awards:

Offensive Rookie: Todun Soetan

Defensive Rookie: Piers Jensen

Offensive Player: Dan Marshall

Defensive Player: Harry Calton

Most Improved Player: Ike Amuze

Athlete of the year: Gethyn Chadwick

MVP: Elliot Bodman

Titan of the year: Hussain Kahn

Leader of the year: Sam Huxtable

Clubman of the year: Luke Wheadon

Finally to cap off the night we inducted two more players into the Titans Hall of Fame. These two players are Titan legends.

The first being Joe Cotterill, Titan's QB during their only every undefeated season where they got promoted to the Premiership. He also went on to be Titan's OC for the 17/18 season and orchestrated the destruction and first victory over the Birmingham Lions.

The second inductee was George Downs-Wheeler. A linebacker by trade Wheeler was one of the longest serving Titans. He holds the Titans sack records and was famed for his never give up attitude and his ferocious tackling. An extremely deserving inductee.

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