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Nate picks up Sports Recognition award

The annual sports Swansea awards evening in Brangwyn hall was once again a brilliant evening. Th team this year were unfortunately not nominated for many of the awards on offer for the evening. There was however one award that we were involved in and that was the sports recognition award. This award is presented to someone who has shown extreme dedication to their team and given up large amounts of their free time for the sake of the game they love.

Coach Nate Gallivan was one of the original founding Titans who helped set up the team back in 2008. He then went on to play in their association season and then their first two league season before graduation. Since graduating has given up his free time to spend the last 8 years as a coach and was part of the coaching set ups that won the 2014 Challenge trophy and the 2016 Division 1 National Championship. In this time he has also had to juggle his responsibilities of a full time job and being a father to two children. The club wouldn't be able to continue without the hard work and dedication of its volunteers like Nate, for this reason we submitted him as our nomination for the sports Swansea sports recognition award to thank him for his service. Sports Swansea agreed that his dedication to the club for the last 11 years needed to be rewarded and so presented him with the award.

On behalf of the Titans we would like to thank Nate for his service to the club and congratulate him of his award. We hope his support will continue for the seasons to come.

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