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Titans Clinch 3rd Seed & Achieve Premiership Playoffs

Amidst the rage of Storm Ciara the 2-5 Titans and the 1-6 Hertfordshire Hurricanes fought head to head. A fight to remain in the Premiership South. Hertfordshire had just bounced off a 30-0 win against UEA and were looking dangerous, attempting to turnaround their season to remain in the Prem. The Titans entered the game as favourites to win, based on the prior 30-14 win away at Hertfordshire in week 2. All cards were on the table for this one. One last shot.

Strong running from #26 take titans to early lead

The offense took to the field after a solid return set them up on our own 40 yard line. A quick succession of powerful runs by RB Canice Gonzague pushed the Titans 30 yards downfield in a very short time. This setup QB Elliot Bodman with an 8 yard dot to WR Will Luck in the back of the endzone. One drive. One TD. The Titans were on top.

With this momentum, the defense took to the field with the intention to upend the offense’s strong start. And they delivered. A prolonged drive with a series of 3rd down conversions from Hertfordshire #1 and excellent coverage in the secondary meant that finally #11 was unable to make the 3rd down conversion. Their offense stalled and the Titans received the ball back.

Game-changing tackling from #2

With the rain chucking it down the ball was incredibly slippery and both offenses became incredibly run-heavy. Both defenses adjusted and three and outs were becoming more and more frequent, with the very occasional fumble giving each team increasing hope to get into the opposition's endzone. However this was rarely the case with both defense’s making plays after a series of stalls on offense.

However, a spark in the Hertfordshire offense early in the 3rd Quarter heavily pressured the Titans defense and consequently Hertfordshire #10 ploughed through for a 24 yard TD. The game was now tied. The defense took to the endzone to prevent the 2 point conversion. An inside zone straight into the open mouth of Piers Jensen, leaving the score at 6-6.

Titans see off the game for a 6 all draw

Coming into the closing stages of the game Hertfordshire were in possession of the ball on inside their own 10. With little time on the clock they were treating this drive like their last. The defense just had to shut them out one more time. Their offence marched 80 yards downfield with powerful running combined with few throws. However their offense stalled on our 10 yard line with contribution to an exceptional sack from #76 Tofunmi Okude, with contributions of solid tackling through the drive from star rookie #28 Hal Townsend, #2 Sam Ngombe and #16 James Simpkin.

Titans left the field with a 6-6 draw meaning our final record was 2-5-1, meaning we had clinched the 3rd seed and therefore remained in the Premiership South, qualifying for playoffs. Onto Stirling.

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